ECLIPTECH "A Flasher" Multi-function Plug-In Protector. [Pseudo alarm]

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Product Description

A Flasher Protection

Multi-Function Security LED Flasher



Simple and effective theft deterrent that anyone can fit!

Park your bike with peace of mind.

Whether you have an alarm system already fitted or not,

the aFlasher gives your bike a strong, visible deterrent by flashing the bike's


You bike already has this security LED fitted into the instrument

We simply activate it to deter thieves.

Designed for the Triumph 675 & 1050, it's completely plug'n'play. 

Takes only 20 seconds to fit under the seat.  You don't even need any tools.





Ingeniously, 10 different flash modes comes standard!

This creates confusion to the potential intruder to what security system is fitted.

TWO Free Extras

...have been included in this unique new product.

The aFlasher will immediately alert you if your bike has stopped generating electrical power. 

Without this pre-warning, you could unexpectedly be left stranded at the side of the road with a dead battery

and a bike that cannot start.  We also put in an alert for overcharging, where a failed regulator un-noticed can

cause the battery to boil and expensive electronic failures.  We don't call that the second free extra though...

Ever left the indicator on?  Green flashing light on the dashboard not getting your attention? 

If an indicator has been on for more than a set period (20, 30, 40 or 60 seconds),

the security light will given a discrete flash (repeated every 10 seconds) to remind you. 

You can of course turn this function off if you choose, however it is bound to be of use on those odd occasions.

With an aFlasher plugged in, you'll have that peace of mind to know thieves are likely to

choose a another target once they see that security LED flash!

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