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LEGEND 900. Paolo Tarozzi Replacement Fork Tube. [Priced Per Tube]

Our Price: £115.00
Product Description

Tarozzi original equipment quality front fork tubes. Unlike most of the alternative  products being offered, there is no grinding the end of the tube and having to swap internal valves, these are ready to fit.

These retail @ £115.00 (each stantion, including VAT) which is only marginally more expensive than a re-chroming your old, worn forks and far, far cheaper than some OEM fork tubes.

If you’ve just destroyed your forks beyond repair, chances are you’re having a bad day. Adding a bill of several hundred pound each fork from the OEM manufacturer on top doesn’t really help.

Pitted forks eat through seals and can be an MOT fail – there’s only so much that autosol or re-chroming can do. Even then, a pitted fork is a sign of an old fork, and with age forks become bent as the metal flexes with use. Even slightly bent forks affect seal integrity and can affect handling. There are companies that offer re-straightening, but at the end of the day you’re relying on an old, stressed-back-into-shape pair of forks with all your weight and the weight of your bike at speed, and they can’t re-straighten a creased or cracked fork. Why rechrome an old, worn out pair of forks when you can have brand new ones for a tiny amount more?

Papier-mâché pattern parts these are not – Italian-made Tarozzi fork tubes are made to the highest standard with a quality hard chrome finish and can put up with just as much punishment as the OE forks could.

We can supply these stanchions for a range of Triumph models. Two lengths of fork tubes had been fitted during this models production run. 

Please select the correct length for your model year from the DROPBOX.

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