OSRAM Night Racer H4 Twinpack: 60/55w, Designed For Motorcycles!

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Please check your owners manual for the correct bulb application for your bike!! NIGHT RACER® PLUS The Solution for Perfectionists. H4 Twin Pack. 

Uncompromising bikers who want the best should not look further than NIGHT RACER PLUS. There is no other candidate that can provide more effective halogen light for bikers and is legally approved.  up to +90% more light!

NIGHT RACER PLUS is a new high-performance lamp for motorcycles, whose particularly compact filament produces up to 90% more light on the road and creates an up to 35 metres longer light beam (compared with standard lamps).
With NIGHT RACER PLUS headlamps obstacles can therefore be clearly identified at distance. Even when travelling at high speeds riders have more time to respond.

Upto +10% whiter light! 
The patented blue ring coating reduces glare, such as in fog. Plus it helps to focus the beam better on the roadway. The bulb's light is up to 10% whiter compared with standard lamps and more natural, so it reduces eyestrain. Definitely a sensation!  Seeing and being seen - the life assurance for motorcycle fans.

Upto 35m longer light beam! 
Good lighting is crucial for motorcyclists. Potholes and even the slightest obstacles on the road can be dangerous for bikers. In daylight and at reasonable speed they can look far enough ahead to spot fallen branches, discarded tyres, road kill or pedestrians. But at night they must rely on their headlights to reach their destination safely. 

With its new high performance lamps OSRAM has opened up a new dimension for powerful lighting on two wheels. Their distinctive marks are a silver cap and the blue-coated bulb - a real eye-catcher in any motorcycle headlight.


Vibration Resistant Technology! NIGHT RACER PLUS now feature "vibration resistant" technology - a special compact filament in connection with a new inert gas blend. As a result NIGHT RACER PLUS can cope with the toughest demands on various road surfaces and off-road environments

- 90% more light
- Designed for use with motorcycles
- OSRAM European quality
- 10% whiter than standard bulbs
- Up to 35m longer beam
- 60/55w (standard wattage)
- Fully road legal within the EU
- Unique packaging with 'Schuberth' inspired helmet shaped spare bulb case
- Sold in a pack of two bulbs

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