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R&G Racing Heated Grips For 22mm Bars All Year Round Comfort!

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Product Description

Extremely well priced and effective heated grips from R&G that can make a huge difference to your riding in colder temperatures

  • 5 Different heat settings with LED indicator.
  • 22mm bar fitting.
  • Open ended to accommodate bar ends.
  • Comes complete with all fixings.
  • 12 Month warranty.

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Initial Thoughts

This very cold and extended winter in the UK is very hard on all season riders especially where the extremities are concerned and after testing other brands of grips that did not perform as expected it was hard to expect anything else from the much lower priced offerings from R&G Racing. On popping open the box and removing the items from the packaging one thing instantly stood out before fitting them, the grips were - well - grippy for once. The controller looks to be a simple affair but really when it comes to hand warmers how much do you need?


As already mentioned the grips have a bit more of a rubbery feel to them and perhaps even a touch thinner than other grips I have tested, what that means to me inparticular (who usually chooses Renthal race grips) is it does not feel too bulky in hand while riding, the simple push button operation makes thick gloves no problem and you really cannot go much further wrong than pushing until you are on hot, heat up the grips and then set to temperature.

Speaking of temperature, the R&G heated grips performed remarkably well at not only heating up to a decent setting but also remaining there throughout the ride, I had the joy of testing them in the harshest winter we have had in the UK for years and even in my trusty summer gloves I did not suffer too much - I say too much because realistically in winter using summer gloves just grips you are never going to get 100% warm hands 100% of the time. One thing worth mentioning also is that the 5 heat settings are actually quite useful and although hot was the preferred setting for me all the time in countries (like this) that have pretty nippy spring conditions the lower settings are something worth leaving the grips fitted for just that little bit longer.

Ordinarily with the really thick and hard feel you get back from other models you only ordinarily tend to keep them on as long as necessary but with decent grip and useful heat settings the R&G heated grips are likely to stay on my bike until the showers have passed in late spring.

R&G Heated Grips consist of:

  1. 1 pair grips to fit 22mm bars
  2. 5 heat settings from low to HOT

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Customer Reviews
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