SW Motech Handlebar Risers "Barbacks" For Triumph 22mm/7/8" Tubular Handle Bars. Leh.00.039.152

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Barbacks increase handlebar height by 25mm (1.0") and move them back 25mm (1.0"), producing an overall handlebar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the original position. 

When installed, there may be a slight gap between the bar riser and the top clamp. This gap allows the top clamps to be torque-tightened onto the bar riser to prevent the bar from spinning.

No change of control cables, wiring, or hoses are required for most motorcycle models for normal 20mm to 30mm handlebar risers, HOWEVER: Barbacks offer significant additional displacement of the handlebars and are more likely to require modification of cable-wiring-hose slack after installation than are standard handlebar risers.

The installer should always check for adequate cable-wiring-hose slack after installing any handlebar riser!

Simply put, the amount of cable slack varies on factory bikes even within a single model and year due to slight differences in the way the lines/cables are routed through the bike. While 99.9% of all bikes will not need adjustment of cables to install handlebar risers, you should ALWAYS check for adequate slack after installation.

Adventurer 900
Bonneville 800
Legend TT 900
Tiger 955i, ’01-'06
Tiger 900, -‘01
Trident 750 & 900
Trophy 900 & 1200
Speed Triple 750, 900, 955i
Speed Triple 1050i, '-07 (note: a rise height of more than 20mm will require a brake pipe extension)

*Some Triumph models may need two additional M8x20 short-

This riser will not fit bikes with oversize (1" or 28mm diameter) handlebars, such as the KTM LC8 Adventure 950.

While installation of these barbacks is possible on many bikes, such installations sometimes requires re-routing or extending the original hoses or cables.

This riser will fit your bike if:

1) Your bar mounts are symmetrical and parallel;
2) Your bars are 7/8" outer diameter;
3) You have two M8 (8mm-diameter holes with standard M8 thread pitch) threaded holes in each of your two bar mounts; and
4) The distance between the two holes in a single bar mount is 31-37mm on center. The distance between the two bar mounts is not a factor.

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