Triumph Parts Online (Squaredeals UK Ltd) Ltd offer a diverse range of quality merchandise & Triumph accessories from manufacturers & suppliers worldwide. We will continue to add OEM Triumph genuine parts to our inventory in due course as we understand some geoghrapical locations are not well served with OEM and aftermarket parts.

The name Triumph and any Triumph model names used on this website are trademarked names of Triumph Designs Ltd., and are used for model reference only. Squaredeals (UK) Ltd is not affiliated in any way with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. The parts and accessories offered for sale throughout this web site are not manufactured by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. Unless specifically listed in the title as "Triumph Genuine Parts"

The name chosen for the business "Squaredeals" is in respect of (Freddie) Squaredeals of Aigburth road in Liverpool, Throughout the 50's 60's & 70's Squaredeals of Aigburth was a well known 'Emporium' of motorcycle accessories that I and many other teenage bikers (Teenage at the time!) frequented. Freddie Squaredeal was a highly respected purveyor of quality motorcycle parts & accessories within the local motorcycle community. He possessed an unprecedented knowledge of motorbikes & provided a valuable service to all of us bikers. Its fitting that we carry on the tradition that Fred started all those years ago.