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Bonneville Thruxton T100 & Scrambler. Petrol/Gas Cap: Chrome GRIP Type. "Union Flag"

Our Price: £34.98
Product Description
Suitable for Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, America + Speedmaster

! Please note it is the plastic part of the ORIGINAL fuel cap retained!
! Does NOT work with the locking gas cap!

Installation is easy!
Remove the original snap ring,
Replace the OEM parts in the new cap,
Snap ring back on it, DONE!

The tank cover is made of high quality aluminum and then polished chrome finish!
The "Isle of Man" plate is also made of aluminum and printed in Untereloxalverfahren.
A smooth, abrasion-resistant as well as to weather and solvents (eg gasoline) resistant print is the result!

Height of the tank cover approximately 1.6 cm

100% CNC machined aluminum
Perfect fit German quality.

OEM Part # T2400597
1999 Adventurer (All)
2000 Triumph Legend TT
2001 Triumph Bonneville & T100
2001 Triumph Legend TT
2004 Triumph Thunderbird & Sport
2005 Triumph Thruxton
2006 Triumph Thruxton
2007 Triumph Thruxton
2008 Triumph Rocket III Touring
2008 Triumph Thruxton
2009 Triumph Bonneville SE
2009 Triumph Bonneville T100
2009 Triumph Bonneville T100
2009 Triumph Rocket III Touring
2009 Triumph Scrambler
2009 Triumph Thruxton
2009 Triumph Thunderbird 1600
2010 Triumph Bonneville SE
2010 Triumph Bonneville T100
2010 Triumph Bonneville T100
2010 Triumph Rocket III Touring
2010 Triumph Scrambler
2010 Triumph Thruxton
2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600
2011 Triumph Bonneville
2011 Triumph Bonneville SE
2011 Triumph Bonneville T100
2011 Triumph Bonneville T100
2011 Triumph Rocket III Touring
2011 Triumph Scrambler
2011 Triumph Thunderbird
2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm
2012 Triumph Bonneville
2012 Triumph Bonneville SE
2012 Triumph Bonneville T100
2012 Triumph Bonneville T100
2012 Triumph Rocket III Touring
2012 Triumph Scrambler
2012 Triumph Thruxton
2012 Triumph Thunderbird
2012 Triumph Thunderbird Storm


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