CAN-BUS resistor CBW1.

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CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 with DIP-switch.

Our newly developed HIGHSIDER CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 fits most vehicles that have a CAN-BUS system.

The CBW1 resistor provides a required electrical load for your vehicle, which, if the dip switches are set correctly, will result in no flashing of the accessory flashers in the cockpit.

In addition, a reliability is given. This means:
If the accessory indicators fail due to an electronic fault, an error message is immediately displayed in the cockpit.

Up to 2 channels can be operated, such as turn signals at the rear left and turn signals at the rear right.

The CBW1 can also be used on vehicles with original LED turn signal equipment.

The following resistance values ​​can be set:
150 ohms
170 ohms
240 ohms
300 ohms
400 ohms
600 ohms
1200 ohms

Height = 11mm
Width = 31mm (without straps)
Width = 46mm (with tabs)
Length = 40mm

Cable length = 200mm with pins

Yellow = input channel 1 (+)
Orange = output channel 1 (+)
Blue = input channel 2 (+)
Red = output channel 2 (+)
Gray = input mass (-)
Black = output ground (-)

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

• Up to 2 channels can be operated.
• The connection is explained exactly in the operating instructions! 

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