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"DUAL LOAD" LED Flasher Relay "Flash Rate Fix" "Mitsuba Plug" Tiger 1050/Daytona 675 Etc

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Product Description

Suitable for all models with Mitsuba 3-Pin Plugs.   

These new DUAL LOAD Patented solid state flasher units are designed to work with any LED's &/or incandescent bulbs! Unlike other LED flasher units available from other vandors, these ones will not "self destruct" if used with filament bulbs!!! 
 (See customers appraisal for this product below)

You can mix & match LED bulbs with incandescent bulbs or LED integrated lamps any combination you like,the flash rate will still be normal! 

This new technology totally eliminates the need for fiddly and awkward load resistors. Easy to fit,  just locate your fuseboard and remove your old Unit and replace it with this new one. Suitable for cars and motorcycles.


Hi to you, I wanted to give you some feedback on the relay that I bought
from you.

Since fitting small indicators to my Thruxton I have tried 8 different
relays to try to slow down the flasher rate. Two of these 8 have been
"guaranteed" to slow down the indicators but all have made zero
difference. In fact one of them blew my fuses.

It was therefore with some trepidation that I plugged in your relay and
guess what..........it worked.

Absolutely fantastic. It did exactly what it said it would. I am very

I have several friends with a similar problem so I am pleased to be able
to recommend you.
Phil Harman

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