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1200 Speed Twin CAT Delete/X Pipe. Mk2 Lite Stainless: (Life time warranty)
1200 Speed Twin CAT Delete/X Pipe. Mk2 Lite Stainless: (Life time warranty) 1200 Speed Twin CAT Delete/X Pipe. Mk2 Lite Stainless: (Life time warranty) 1200 Speed Twin CAT Delete/X Pipe. Mk2 Lite Stainless: (Life time warranty) 1200 Speed Twin CAT Delete/X Pipe. Mk2 Lite Stainless: (Life time warranty)

1200 Speed Twin CAT Delete/X Pipe. Mk2 Lite Stainless: (Life time warranty)

Our Price: £99.98
Product Description

Lightweight easy fit.... Recent Thruxton owner comment on Facebook 'Thruxton 1200 Group' "Weslake Decat X pipe from Squaredeals fitted (not easy on the R) and what an immediate positive difference it makes, more power plus very noticeably smoother power delivery coupled with a deeper exhaust note" 

Our light weight decat Pipe Mk2 version with a modified clamping system to ensure a permanent gas tight seal (Life time warranty Original purchaser) replaces the original heavy Catalyser to increase sound and power whilst reducing heat and weight. "Stunning sound, easy to fit"  By retaining the original side rail mounting points our X-Pipe is fully supported preventing any possibility of premature failure of header gaskets that might be induced by flexing. Some X pipe versions retain the large awkward mounting tab which complicates the fit, New Mk2 version with additional clamping slots for a perfect gas tight seal.

Our easy fit X Pipe has been designed to subtly replace the 3.5Kg OEM catalyser with probably the lightest (700g) fully Stainless Steel kit on the market today (304 marine grade stainless) 

The Weslake X Pipe Performance Header system for Triumph Street Twin, Speed Twin 1200, Street Cup, Bonneville T100 Liquid, Bonneville T120, and Bonneville Bobber. Speedmaster 1200, Thruxton 1200, Thruxton R, (This lightweight design lends itself well to the Thruxton as the Thruxton has limited space for the flared flange & V clamp equipped X Pipes!) 

This unit will replace the factory installed CAT to open up the exhaust system for maximum performance. Weighing in at 700g this performance upgrade saves +/- 2.8kg just by removing the CAT. Deleting the Catalyser with ours or any other manufacturers Decat pipe will not compromise your MOT. Emissions are not part of the UK motorbike MOT test!

A free flowing 'Cat Free' exhaust dispenses with the need for the heat shield. Plus the weight savings puts more power at the rear wheel that you will instantly feel. A large crossover area where the x pipe is joined ensures minimal gas restriction and optimum back pressure. This upgrade will also increase the volume of the exhaust and allow the full tonal character of your mufflers to be heard. Pair with a Weslake Slip On or, Ixil Iron heads for the best performance. Fully supported with side rail mounts!

One big advantage of reducing CAT weight is the large awkwardly positioned mounting tab is no longer needed and can be dispensed with greatly reducing fitting time. Typically inexperienced hands might need 2 hours to fit. Experienced hands can replace this in just one hour! 

Our kit is the first choice for many Mainstream & independent Triumph workshops as ease of fitment minimises workshop labour costs! Typically some workshops can supply and fit this kit for under £200! Ask you local dealer for a quote!

As the cat is deleted free airflow is increased over and around the Decat pipe.  Thanks to the new original self learning system, there's no need to add map or an additional fuel unit.

Typical 2016on Applications.
Bonneville T100
Bonneville T120
Street Twin
Street Cup
Thruxton 1200 & R 
(Limited space on these models requires a longer fitting time for flared flange/V clamp type X pipes)

Will NOT fit Street Scrambler.

Advantages include:

Developed to provide improved gas charge & torque giving better performance.
Improved exhaust sound without needing to replace silencers.
Assists cooler running.
Ready to install using basic DIY skills & tools. 

Common Q & A's:

Q: Is there an increase in sound and torque?
A: Yes, there is a dramatic increase in volume and an increase in torque.

Fully reversible. This product is not for sale to the USA or Canada.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: John from Suffolk   5 Stars

Fitting the de-cat to my 2019 ST

Grate advice form SQ to start - I did a bit of digging on the web and found quite a few videos on how to do this job - its quite easy but take your time and make sure you have a torque wrench to hand. I found the hardest bit was disconnecting the fuel pip on the tank!