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MBTX14AU MOTOBATT High Torque Battery: YB14L-A2 12V/16.5AH Battery Upgrade. 190 Cca!

Our Price: £79.99
Product Description

MotoBatt is an AGM battery, a type of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery.
Get all the benefits of a gel battery at a sensible price. Each Quadflex™
Battery has 4 terminal (2+ and 2-) and when necessary includes spacers,
enabling the battery to function in multiple applications.

No electrolyte or harsh acids to deal with, Motobatt Batteries are sealed and require no maintenance.

Charged and ready to install directly out of the box.

Dimensions L135-W90-H168

20% More CCA! Over Standard Batteries!
190 Cold Cranking Amps @ Minus 18 Degrees!
Replaces The Following Battery Codes:

YTX14AH  12a/h/MOTOBATT=16.5a/h
YTX14AHBS  12a/h/MOTOBATT=16.5a/h
YTX14AHLBS 12a/h/MOTOBATT=16.5a/h
YB14A1 14a/h/MOTOBATT=16.5a/h
YB14A2 14a/h/MOTOBATT=16.5a/h
YB14AA 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14AA1 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14AA2 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14B1 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14B2 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14LA1 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14LA2 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14LB1 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14LB2 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
YB14LA2S 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
SYB14LA2 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
SYB14LB2 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
12N143A 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h
12N143B 14a/h/MOTOBATT =16.5a/h

This Motobatt Battery is AGM Sealed & comes with a Full Two Year Guarantee. 
NB. Replacement Only, No Refunds or Credit on Motobatt Batteries.

Register Warranty Register Within 21 Days For Your Extended Warranty.
This two year warranty only applies to recent sales (from Sept 2018) due to the sole UK importer losing the contract to another.
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries Are Completely Leak Proof - Maintenance Free - Charged Ready to Fit Straight Out of The Box.

NB: Charging: Smart chargers or 3 stage chargers from brands including CTEK, OptiMate, Oxford etc. are required for use on all AGM or GEL batteries. These modern chargers are capable of varying the current to prevent damage from over charging and will prolong the battery’s life. Sealed Valve Regulated batteries (AGM and Gel) may be damaged or dried out and ruined if they are overcharged. The damage that can be caused by improper charging becomes permanent and gets worse over time. The correct way to charge or maintain AGM batteries is with a smart charger, and with its exclusive 9 step algorithm technology one of our AGM compatible chargers is the perfect solution to keep your battery in tip top condition.

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