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OSRAM Night Racer 110/H4 Head Lamp Bulb H4 60/55w. x1 Designed For Motorcycles. SKU:4052899929654

Our Price: £11.99
Product Description

This product is sold in a pack of 1xH4 bulbs. 

OSRAM's high performance motorcycle bulbs are approved throughout Europe and all guarantee more visibility and safety on the road. The Night Racer 110 range is ideal for riders who only want the best from their motorbike headlights, and want to see and be seen.

These high-tech motorcycle bulbs from OSRAM provide up to 110% more light on the road compared to your standard headlight bulb and this increase makes a huge difference to night time riding. In addition to more light, you’ll also notice the light beam produced is significantly longer and the colour of the light is whiter than standard too. 
Product benefits

  • Up to 110 % more light on the road (compared to standard halogen lamps)
  • Up to 40 m longer beam of light (compared to standard halogen lamps)
  • Up to 20 % whiter light (compared to standard halogen lamps)
  • Higher resilience due to robust coil design
  • Optimum light for more time to react
  • Patented blue ring coating for less reflected glare
  • More efficient light production thanks to optimized inert filling gas formula


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Customer Reviews
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