Scottoiler E System SO-9005. Digital Electronic Chain Lubrication System Latest V2 Spec' Clearance!

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SCOTTOILER E, SYSTEM. Clearance price! One only!

The eSystem measures acceleration and vibration in 'G-Force' using a triple axis accelerometer and displays this information on screen allowing riders to monitor activity. Plug and play connectivity to the battery means the eSystem is the simplest electronic chain lubrication system to fit, eliminating long periods spent installing and allowing more time enjoying the product.

The multi function graphical digital display shows ambient temperature, oil flow rate and the oil reservoir level allowing riders to monitor the vital statistics of their ride at a glance. Fully compatible with existing Scottoiler range of add-ons - increased capacity reservoirs (Magnum & Lube Tube) and Dual Injector dispenser.

When the engine is off the eSystem draws less than 1 milli-amp of power. This is significantly less than the current drawn by a modern alarm so riders don’t need to worry about power drainage. The Graphical digital multi function display allows the rider to adapt the flow rate of the oil whilst riding, to suit the riding conditions. The reservoir holds 60ml of Scottoil, which equates to an extra 6 hours of riding before refills compared to the vacuum operated Scottoiler system, meaning more time can be spent riding rather than maintaining your bike.

Helps your chain provide efficient power transfer and gives a cleaner, quieter, smoother running transmission. Increase time between chain adjustments and minimise maintenance and can increase the life of your chain and sprockets by up to 7 times the perfect way to save money and add value to your bike.

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