Shock Mount Sliders/Bobbins: Bonneville, Thruxton & Scrambler. T100/SE. T120/Street Twin Thruxton 2016:

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Product Description
Fit a pair of these Classic Swin garm Sliders to your Thruxton, Bonneville or Scrambler to protect it from a crash, tip-over, or one of those low-speed “oops” moments that can permanently scar your ride and psyche.

Just one of the items in our new Protection Line of products for Modern Classics, these highly developed, replaceable, black pucks are made from round, 1.28-inch diameter, 2-inch long pieces of machined Delrin—a durable plastic composite that resists abrasion and absorbs impact. They’re attached to aluminum internal sleeves that bolt solidly to top shock mounts in minutes to provide major structural rigidity. The mounting hardware is corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so it’ll look good long after your riding or race season ends.

When combined with Fork Sliders, Foot Peg Sliders and Swing-arm Sliders, they work as a set, so the bike grinds down replaceable sliders—not your OEM parts and vital components. Engineered to be unobtrusive, you won’t notice them there until they’re needed.

The Shock Mount Sliders work with both aftermarket and stock shocks and shouldn’t interfere with aftermarket exhausts unless they hang from the upper shock mount or extend up to it.

  • Protect OEM parts during crashes, innocent low-speed falls or when a bike gets knocked over
  • Sliders made from durable, black delrin plastic composite material
  • Each are round, 1.28" in diameter and 2" long
  • Attached with stainless-steel hardware and aluminum internal sleeves
  • Bolt solidly to shock mounts in minutes
  • Works with aftermarket and stock shocks

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