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SPRINT 1050 XENON Superwhite 100w H7 Headlamp Bulbs [3 x H7 Bulbs]

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Product Description

Xenon Super White.

IMAGES ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION YOU WILL RECEIVE 3xH7 100w BULBS IN THE RESPECTIVE COLOUR OPTION.  This product is sold in a pack of 3xH7 bulbs For the Sprint 1050 2007on.

H7 12V 100W Xenon Super White These 4500K HID blue tint bulbs offer excellent quality and value for money. The 4500K emitted colour gives these bulbs a magnificent white light with a blue tint to give the same look as a true HID system. Rated at 12V/100W these are a straight replacement for your standard bulb H7's. See the difference!

The addition of Xenon gas into the standard halogen bulb has created brighter and whiter light emissions. These bulbs have a specialised blue coating on the surface of the glass and project a brilliant daylight white light. The Xenon gas in these bulbs also provides up to 30% improved vision. They are rated at 4500K which optimises the crisp white light and excellent road vision for a superb upgrade xenon bulb.



:Color temperature is a unit of measure for the colour of light – it is not necessarily related to the heat of the light source. A higher colour temperature represents a colour closer to actual sunlight.

High quality heat resistant glass tube

Welded focus ring that assures proper positioning

Provides brighter light from less amps

A one piece filament support allows proper support and positioning

A metal bond holds the glass tube securely, preventing cracks and leaks

DOT approved for North America. Not “E” marked for Europe. Sold for “show use only”

Best for maximum road visibility in clear weather.

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