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STREET TRIPLE 675: BLUEFLAME Evo Carbon [CARBON TIP] 1x Pair Discounted/Clearance Price

RRP: £580.00
Our Price: £300.00
Product Description

The Blue Flame EVO Road Legal Race Can

Due to our customers rising demand for road legal exhausts blue flame have developed an incredible new product - a road legal race can.

Historically speaking we already had a road legal can but like many other manufacturers we used conventional wall type baffles with a system of interlinking tubes to reduce noise. This system while being very effective at reducing noise also led to a relatively heavy and restrictive exhaust incapable of producing the same power as a pure race can.

Consequently we spent nine months of development on our Dynojet m250 Dyno to develop the new "EVO" range of road legal race cans. Using a removable baffle tube inserted into the top outlet and a blanking plug in the small outlet we have achieved the required sound level to achieve BSAU approval without sacrificing any loss of power against traditional race cans.

Although outwardly they may look similar, our EVO cans are different in every way as far as components are concerned. The internals although being straight through are a different size, length, and perforated hole design than the original. The outlets are CNC machined to give exact tolerances for the baffle insert, are feature a new flat ring design tip rather than the dated rolled lip design used by most other manufacturers. By using a twin exit design we have enabled our customers to tune the can to 4 different levels of sound according to their needs i.e. both in, both out, or one of each in.

The attached Dyno graph shows the comparative power figures for our EVO, standard can, and a competitors race can, all using a 98 blade. I think you will agree the figures are quite impressive!!

We think this is what today's bikers want and need, and judging by the overwhelming response from both the public and the trade we feel justified in amount of time and development we have invested

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