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TIGER 800XC/XCa/XCx/XR/XRx/XRt: JT-X1R "X-Ring" Chain [525x124L] JT Power Transfer Natural (Raw)

Our Price: £70.00
Product Description

JT Power Transfer Drive Chain is leading edge technology, using only the highest grade of special steel alloys, JT produce a full range of superior quality motorcycle chains. JT advanced power transfer chains meet or exceed the requirements of all modern motorcycles, street, MX, enduro, off road and ATV.

JT X1R Power Transfer chains have been used on motorbikes for many years without complaints. JT Power Transfer chains are of excellent quality and offer great value for money.

JT X - ring chains have dirt and watertight links, this has been achieved with a special seal with four lips. Due to its lower level of friction, its operation is softer and cooler than an O - ring chain because it engages better.
Furthermore, X Ring increases the lifetime of the chain considerably.

Specially designed to be used on high powered sports bikes as well as touring bikes.
The benefits of the JT X1R X Ring chains over standard O Ring chains are substantial.

Buy with confidence.  We only list and sell chains & sprockets of a suitable quality for your bike. 

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